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Mr. Adeyanju - Nigeria
Leg Surgery in India

Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India-A perfect blend of vacation and wellness for international patients

surgical ligation and stripping India, surgical ligation and stripping, surgical ligation and stripping procedures India Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India for international patients comes out to be a perfect blend of vacation and wellness. The fact that drives the foreign patients for various medical treatment and surgeries including the Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India is an easy access to high end medical services at quiet affordable prices. We at Forerunners Healthcare group have been instrumental in arranging an international standard medical treatment and surgeries at all the major hospitals in various Indian cities. While foreign patients coming down to India get their desired medical treatments along with a leisure package wherein they enjoy visiting tourist places of rich Indian Heritage and take mesmerizing memories with them.


Unlike others, Mr. Adeyanju from Nigeria also visited for his Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India. He shares his experience with us.

Hi, To begin with, I am Mr. Adeyanju, I am from Nigeria. Last month, I had my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India at country’s finest hospital based at Indian capital, New Delhi. I must thank my medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Group, who played their part in expediting my entire Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India as per my needs and requirements. I remember, my life seemed miserable since my legs were in bad shape and I often was engulfed with pain and leg cramps along with fatigue. I consulted a doctor near by place, the doctor after listening to my symptoms and my medical history, suggested me that my varicose veins need to be treated I, therefore require a Surgical Ligation and Stripping. I browsed for some solution at few of the places; unfortunately, I couldn’t find any place worth enough to go with. I was just wondering my next move, when a close friend of mine suggested me to search for Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India. Though, I found his idea weird, however, when checked over the internet, I was flooded with ample amount of information which suggested how India has progressed to leaps and bounds in the field of medical tourism. 

During my later research for Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India I discovered a medical tourism company called Forerunners Healthcare Group, who are into the business of managing and providing medical services to international patient’s at the most affordable and lucrative prices. After reading few of the testimonials, I was convinced to opt their services for my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India. I then e mailed my query about my treatment in India, the response was instantly followed by a call, an executive answered all my questions and assured me the best result. He collected all my medical reports and history, and reverted with an expert advice after having a word with the panel of experienced surgeons. The package which the Forerunner group posed seemed to be of my budget hence without any further delay confirmed for my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India.

When I reached for my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India I was pleased to get a competent service from the Forerunners team, who helped me throughout my stay. The first thing we did was to meet my surgeon who was scheduled to perform my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India. He seemed a good person, he assured me, helped me to settle down my nervousness and anxiety. After talking to him and looking at the Delhi Hospital, I was confident for the best result of my medical treatment. Soon the day dawned when I was to be operated for my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India. I was asked to fast for 6 hours prior to the operation, was given premeditation for sedation before going to the operation theatre. The legs were shaved in the ward; Veins were marked out by Texta colour immediately before operation. The anaesthetic was given in the theatre through a small needle in the hand. My doctor said that I would wake in recovery remembering little about the experience.  During my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India for treating my medium-sized varicose veins was performed under local anesthesia. After my leg was anesthetized, the surgeon made a series of very small vertical incisions 1–3 mm in length along the length of the affected vein. These incisions do not require stitches or tape closure afterward. Beginning with the more heavily involved areas of the leg, the surgeon inserted a phlebectomy hook through each micro-incision. The vein segment was drawn through the incision, held with a mosquito clamp, and pulled out through the incision. This technique requires the surgeon to be especially careful when removing varicose veins in the ankle, foot, or back of the knee. After all the vein segments were removed, the surgeon washed my leg with hydrogen peroxide and covered the area with a foam wrap, several layers of cotton wrap, and an adhesive bandage. A compression stocking was then drawn up over the wrapping. Thus my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India went smooth.

The bandages were removed 4 days after the Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India, but my doctor asked me to wear the compression stocking for another two weeks to minimize bruising and swelling. I was encouraged to walk around for 10–15 minutes before leaving for work or anywhere; this mild activity really helped me to minimize the risk of a blood clot forming in the deep veins of the leg. I am really satisfied by the arrangements made by the medical consultant- Forerunners healthcare Group for my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India. I also got the opportunity to do some shopping for my family members and few friends. I am thankful to Forerunners Healthcare for providing the care and also thankful to all the dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists, aids and the other staffs who treated me during my Surgical Ligation and Stripping in India. I am sure with such a great service; I would be suggesting the Forerunners Group to anyone looking for medical treatment in India.

Thank you,

Mr. Adeyanju