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Freetown Sierra Leone Patient Gets Successful Diabetes Surgery in India

Freetown Sierra Leone Patient Gets Successful Diabetes Surgery in India

Diabetes Surgery - Dr. Randeep Wadhawan

Diabetes, a disease that gradually eats you and brings your life to a toll with various health disorders that often accompany the disease in the long run, goes beyond medical expectations. Just a rise in sugar level can take you where in your health regime, is an uncertain question even for the best doctors in town. People often say that if you are diabetic you are in trouble because it will lead you to many deadly diseases.

The same is what we all believe and I also lived with the same thought. But my life changed for the better when I met the right doctor and a team of experts. I am no longer diabetic, which is something surprising to even think of before I had my surgery. And I cannot thank enough everyone involved in my treatment.

You must be wondering who I am, and how is diabetes fully treatable? I am Gemma Courtois and I am from Sierra Leone. I live in the beautiful city of Freetown. I had been suffering from diabetes for over 5 years. It was surprising for me when I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I led a healthy life and still, I got it for some unknown reasons. But after 7 years, my condition got worse and my doctor told me that my kidneys could be at risk because of my diabetes. This was when my husband thought that something had to be done to control my diabetes.

My husband is a businessman and has some links to India. After he made a few calls to his network in India, he came up with the phone number of a service called Forerunners Healthcare- Medical Service Provider. He had heard about diabetes surgery helping patients recover fully from type 2 diabetes. When he gave me the phone number, I called the service. My call was received by a professional sounding lady. She listened to me for 15 minutes as I explained my medical history. She told me that I had called at the right place and I was amazed when she told me that they had many diabetes patients who were treated with the help of bariatric surgery.

I told her I wanted to know more about the surgery and how I could seek the treatment. She asked me to send my medical reports for evaluation by specialists in India. I did so, and she asked me to wait for a couple of days for the assessment. I received her call after 2 days and she told me that I had called their company at the right time because my condition was about to get worse. She said, ‘We shared your reports with the Top 10 Bariatric Surgeons in India. All of them came with the conclusion that there is a 90% chance that Roux-en-Y gastric bypass can help to treat your condition.’

This was so relieving to hear. She then explained about her company and the services they offered. ‘We are the Forerunners Healthcare- Medical Service Provider,and we take care of everything related to your surgery in India. We also help you get a medical visa and make arrangements for your travels and stay within India. We have helped thousands of patients from around the world seek affordable treatment in India. You will find us supporting you through everything when you are in India for your treatment.’ She gave me her name and said that she will be my coordinator for the rest of the time if I seek treatment.

I discussed the entire thing with my husband and he felt so positive about it. He told me that I shouldn’t worry about the expenses and should plan the trip for my Type 2 Diabetes Surgery in India. However, I was a little confused because I had never traveled that far. I had been to nearby countries in Africa. The farthest I traveled to was to South Africa. My husband made me feel calm and said that he would accompany me. He further told me not to worry about anything. If there was some difficulty, he had good contacts in India.

The next day I called my coordinator, and she said that I had made the right decision. She gave me a list of the 3 best surgeons who had evaluated my reports. She asked me to go through their profiles and choose one surgeon for my diabetes surgery. I went through the information on all the Top 10 Bariatric Surgeons in India, and my husband also helped me in making the right choice.

We found the profile of Dr. Randeep Wadhawan Best Diabetes Bariatric Surgeon in India to be the most promising. The long experience, the credentials, and the high level of success rate, all helped us make the right decision. I informed my coordinator about my decision. I also asked her about any risks associated with the surgery. She told me that the risk rate is minimal at just 0.5%, and the complications are nothing more than temporary pain and inflammation that can be easily treated and controlled. So I confirmed my decision to travel to India for my surgery and asked her what we needed to do further. She guided me through all the steps. Since most of the things would be handled by Forerunners Healthcare consultants, my husband and I didn’t have to worry about our India trip and surgery.

I visited my regular doctor and had a long discussion with him about the surgery. He told us that as long as the doctor was fully qualified and had a long experience, I shouldn’t have to worry about bariatric surgery. He also told us that India had a very good reputation in the global medical world. The country has established its name for offering high-quality medical facilities and treatment. We felt good about our decision to seek treatment in India.

REACH OUT TO US ON PHONE : +91 9371136499

We traveled to India in 2017 and the Forerunners Healthcare team took care of all our visas and local stay and travel arrangements. We were received at the airport by a well-dressed and professional-looking person. We were driven to our hotel where we found well-appointed rooms.Our appointment was fixed the next day. The same person arrived in the morning to take us to the doctor. The first time I met Dr. RandeepWadhawan in Top Hospitals for Bariatric Diabetes Surgery in India, I felt good. He has such a calm attitude and he listens carefully to everything we say. My first concern when I met him was to ask about any risks of diabetes surgery. He made me feel better when he said that I didn’t have anything to worry about. He said that the risks involved in bariatric surgery are similar to any abdominal surgery. The likely risks include infection, clots, or bleeding, but we take all the precautions to prevent these complications. He said it clearly that I didn’t have anything to worry about.

Next, my husband wanted to know about the surgery in detail. The doctor was so good that he spent an hour explaining the detail. He said Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is one of the most commonly used bypass surgery for treating diabetes. It is a simple surgery that involves making a tiny cut that recovers quickly. Almost everyone who undergoes this bariatric surgery experiences improvement in their diabetes. After the surgery, your blood sugar lowers, your diabetes-related problems improve or go away. As we can see from your reports, your kidneys are in the early stages of being affected by your diabetes. But after your surgery, the kidneys and other organs will not be at any risk. Gradually, you can also do away with your diabetes medication.

All this made us feel so much better. The doctor asked us to get a few tests before proceeding. That day, I gave my blood samples and went through scanning and a few tests. The next day my coordinator called us and said that my surgery was scheduled after a week. We had to visit the facility the next day and meet Dr. Wadhawan. He asked me a series of questions about the medications, diet, and vitamins I was taking. He instructed me about my diet and prescribed certain medications. He told me to follow the new routine for the entire duration before the surgery.

At this point, my husband wanted to know in detail about diabetes surgery. The doctor was eager to explain further to us. He told us that basically, he will be creating a small stomach pouch to limit the amount of food that you will be taking. The Y-shaped part of the small intestine is then attached to this small pouch. This results in the creation of a bypass and the digestive system absorb fewer calories. He further said that after the surgery the small intestine produces a special protein called GLUT-1 that helps your body in using glucose. Weight loss was an extra benefit of this surgery.

Once convinced, my husband and I went back to our hotel. For the next few days, we stayed there. I followed the diet and prescription given by Dr. Wadhawan. During this period, the Forerunners Healthcare coordinator kept in constant touch with me. She inquired if I was following everything the doctor said. She told me that it was important because the prescription and diet plan have been created to make my body conducive to the surgery.

I was taken to the facility a day before the surgery day. The surgery was scheduled in the morning, and I was taken to my room where the doctor and nurses kept my vitals under monitoring. They also gave me a few injections. I remember my husband standing beside me before I was taken to the surgery room. I don’t remember what happened after I was given the anesthesia.

When I woke up I was in a room surrounded by nurses. They told me that the surgery was a success and it would take an hour or two for my anesthesia to fade fully. They told me that my husband was in the doctor’s room. I later learned that my husband had a long discussion with the doctor about my post-surgery recovery. He said that I will have to stay in the hospital for at least 3 days. The doctor required me to stay in India for 2 weeks before I could return. During this time, I will have to visit the facility and engage in certain physical therapy.

So I stayed in the hospital for the next 3 days after my surgery. During this time, the nurses took care of my diet and medications. Dr. Wadhawan visited me every day and there were frequent blood tests. He informed me that my diabetes was improving. My husband and I were happy to hear this. Then we moved to my hotel and one nurse was assigned to take care of me. My Forerunners Healthcare coordinator was in regular contact with us and ensured that I was taking all the precautions and following my physical therapy. I visited the facility every day for the next 2 weeks that I stayed there and went through a wide range of therapies that helped me feel better and stronger.

After 2 weeks, we had a detailed discussion with Dr. Wadhawan. My coordinator made all the arrangements for our travels. The doctor shared valuable information about my post-surgery recovery. He prescribed a few medications that I needed to take for a month. Then I was required to take a few vitamin and mineral supplements. He told us that after this surgery, my body needed more ingestion of nutrients. He further told us that I am likely to lose a significant amount of weight over the next few months. Most importantly, he said that my diabetes should become normal in all conditions. He further said that I should pay a visit to my doctor in Sierra Leone every two weeks for the first few months. This is important to identify any complications like bowel obstruction or malnutrition. He also gave us his personal contact number and said that if any issues arise we should contact him. However, he also said that there is almost no chance that I will have any complications. This made both of us feels so good. I thought that I had found the best doctor for my surgery in the world. I could not have asked anyone better for my surgery. Next, we also met my coordinator. She was an angel and I was so happy to see her. We had a long discussion and other members of her team also joined us. Again, they asked us to contact them in case of any complications in the future. My husband and I were so satisfied with the services of this company. We promised them that we will recommend their name to others in our country.

Eventually, the time for us to return came. When we returned back to Freetown, we felt so good about our experience. I went to see my early doctor and he was satisfied with my reports. After a few weeks, he noted that my diabetes was making improvements. I thanked my husband for recommending me to seek the surgery in India. My doctor further referred me to a physical therapy center and I visited it regularly. Soon, I started feeling so much better. My surgery wound was recovering fast and I felt like a different person compared to how I felt before my surgery.

After two months of returning, my doctor conducts many tests on me and gave me the good news. I was no longer having glucose spikes in my blood. He also told me that my kidneys and other organs were safe now. If I had not undergone the treatment, my kidneys would have certainly started deteriorating. I called my coordinator at Forerunners Healthcare and told her about my reports. She was so glad to know about me and said that she would share the information with her team and Dr. Wadhawan. I asked her to pay my regards to the doctor and tell him to thank you on my behalf.

So this was my story of Successful Diabetes Surgery in India and it is now more than 2 years since my surgery and I am diabetes-free. It is rare to come across anyone who can say that their diabetes got treated. I am one of those lucky persons and I have shared my story with many others. I have also referred others to seek treatment from the Forerunners Healthcare-medical service provider for a wide range of health problems.

My journey from diabetes to a life free from diabetes was just amazing and absolutely stress-free. Thanks to Team Forerunners for the same and all the help and support you did provide all through the course of treatment. I just can't thank you enough for making me change the perception of people who say diabetes takes a toll on life…if every diabetic person has someone like you to guide, I feel diabetes can never be a problem for anyone. That’s what I believe now!.


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