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New Life Instilled with Liver Transplant in India

Jordan patient Affordable Liver Transplant Surgery In India

Liver Transplant Surgery - Dr. Subhash Gupta

Oliver from Jordan descended into depression and despair when all of sudden one day he realized that his liver was going weaker. Earlier there were no symptoms and no signs of any weakness or discomfort but one day after dinner a sudden spurt of pain arose and he immediately visited the doctor where he was diagnosed for a weak functioning liver. The consulting medical professional prescribed him a few medications but all in vain. Then he consulted another doctor who actually diagnosed him with liver cancer that was truly disheartening for him. He was just not able to accept the same. According to the local doctor of Jordan, his life had a counted journey of around 4 to 5 months and this kept on weakening his mind more in comparison to his infected liver.

To get familiar to his challenging journey of fighting liver cancer and heading towards a healthy life that goes pain to comfort.

My Journey of Recuperation

When your life is about to end, you lose all hopes and charm of life. However, the same held true for me when I was diagnosed with liver cancer. Fighting with severe pain in the abdomen area for months, I was all down with despair and disappointment. Changing doctors, revisiting doctors and even the best of physicians could not catch the cause of my pain. Later, it was when I finally made up my mind to see a specialist in the field; I came to know that I was suffering from liver cancer. The doctor there revealed that I only had a time span of 4 to 5 months. I was all shattered with no hope. A few days went in darkness and hopelessness but then I decided to fight back and gathered all my courage and strength to fight against cancer. This was the initiation of my journey of recuperation.

Though he was on constant medication, I started to look for better options that could give me an assurance of healthy recovery and a long life ahead to fulfill my dreams and see my vision of life come true. No stone was left unturned, be it online search or offline search, I made all possible hunt to get through something that could be resourceful for me. I visited many local liver specialists but none were sure whether they will be able to save my life or not. After three doctors, I came across one organ transplant doctor in Jordan who said that liver transplant at this stage can prove to be the best rescue. I could see some hope and agreed to go for a liver transplant but then again the loss of hope because in Jordan liver transplant surgery was a costly affair. The search was on and during the online search one day I came across one article that narrated the story of Indian healthcare facilities with a clear description of how India proves to be a hub of medical treatments.

Connecting with Indian Medical Tourism Company for a Second Opinion

Understanding the Indian scenario of healthcare facilities, I started browsing for treatment options in India. I came across many medical tourism companies with a complete package of List of Top Liver Transplant Surgeon in India and the Best Liver Transplant hospitals in India. From the huge list of doctors, hospitals, medical tourism companies, and medical associations, I shortlisted a few medical tourism companies. Furthermore, I did complete research on each one of them by going through every bit of their websites, their success rate, patients’ stories, testimonials, and reviews. From a few, I came down to two companies and I contacted both the medical tourism companies of India. I posted my query and concern on the website. One company gave an immediate response within 24 hours and the other within 72 hours. I discussed my case with both the coordinators of both the companies but somehow I felt satisfied with the company that responded to my query within 24 hours. And that was none other than Forerunners Healthcare.

Once I made up my mind to get my liver transplant done through Forerunners, I connected with them for all sorts of coordination. One of the managers managing the operation at Forerunners was in constant communication with meand was compassionate enough to patiently listen to all my queries. He asked me to share all my medical reports and case papers provided by all the local medical professionals in Jordan. The same day I sent all my reports and with immediate effect, the reports were shared with some of the best gastroenterology hospitals and reputed oncologists of India. Each and every moment was precious and the manager, as well as the team, did understand the same. The very next day the case manager connected with all the hospitals and doctors to get the feedback and opinion for my case. As per the opinion, there was life ahead, I could live longer if the existing liver could be removed and replaced with a transplanted liver. The same was notified to me within two days and I was happy to hear the same.

Getting Quotes from India

Now, it was certain that I am travelling to India for my liver transplant surgery with affordable Liver Transplant Cost in India. However, the cost was a concern. The manager who was dealing with me shared some of the best hospitals’ and doctors’ profiles to help me choose the best I can for myself. After analyzing all the provided names of hospitals and doctors through online research, online reviews, and success stories of various doctors, I decided to go for Dr. Subhash Gupta. Discussing about the cost part, liver transplant surgery in India is comparatively cheaper than in Jordan and when it came to Dr. Subhash Gupta, I was getting the most affordable liver transplant surgery in India under the mentorship of Forerunners.

REACH OUT TO US ON PHONE : +91 9371136499

Initiating Paperwork for the Medical Visit to India

After confirming the doctor for the surgery, the next step was creating and managing all the paperwork with a view to ease my healing journey to India. All the paper work was handled by the case manager at Forerunners along with the skilled team of medical and non-medical professionals available there. Further to that, Forerunners also helped me to get a medical visa to India by providing the visa invitation letter from one of the confirmed Top 10 Hospitals for Liver Transplant in India. Another expert from Forerunners Team handled the visa application and all the visa process. Keeping in mind the every minute urgency, the team worked heads and toes to get an urgent visa that was actually received by me within 72 hours of the application.

Arranging for the Stay in India

Immediately after the receipt of the medical visa, all the arrangements were taken care of to ensure a comfortable stay in India. After two days of the receipt, I reached India where I was amazed to meet the compassionate professional from the team who was there at the airport to receive me. He greeted me with a smile and calmly drove me to the hotel that was booked for me. The morning was available for complete rest after a long journey and then the doctor’s appointment for consultation was taken during the evening hours. Moreover, the food and travel arrangements were thoughtfully put into place. Everything was smoothly and comfortably arranged for my comfort.

Assuring the Best Treatment in the Hospital

In the evening hours, at the appointed time of consultation, I was picked from the hotel and driven to the hospital. The doctor there had a meticulous examination and then a warm conversation with me to make me comfortable and stress-free with the thought of Liver Transplant Surgery in India. Dr Subhash Gupta is a generous doctor who assured me in the first consultation that there is life ahead and that too in a healthy way with no complications. The assisting doctors and nurses at the hospital, along with the associates of Forerunners together made the explanation and acceptance calm and smooth.

The entire team was well-versed with all the essentialities and urgencies of the surgery. Even the donor liver was arranged by the team well in advance so that the actual surgery takes place with immediate effect considering the urgency of the situation. On the pre-decided date, the surgery was performed by Dr. Subhash Gupta Best liver transplant Surgeon in India, and went successfully.

Going Smoothly Through the Recovery Period

After the Successful Liver Transplant surgery in Max Hospital in Delhi, Iwas kept in the hospital for a few days; a period when I could actually feel many of my symptoms evaporating like it never existed. All through the stay during the recovery phase, the Forerunners team were constantly in touch with the hospital staff and doctors for all concerns and discussions about my case. Together, they all made the stay most comfortable. Before my discharge, the doctor explained to me all the precautions to be kept in mind and also provided a detailed session on various changes in lifestyle and diet that was needed for a couple of months after the liver transplant surgery. All the medicines were prescribed with strict adherence to timeliness with clear explanation of how, when, and why the medicines have to be consumed. Satisfied with the team, doctor, hospital, and my overall medical journey to India, I was then all set to travel back to my home town in Jordan and start a new phase of my life, healthy and active.

Relishing a Healthy Recovery

After complete recovery and a successful liver transplant surgery by Dr. Subhash Gupta Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India, I started relishing my recovery as myjourney of recuperation came to an end.I was extremely happy and satisfied with all the care and treatment that was provided under the expert guidance of Forerunners Healthcare. I am grateful to the entire team for facilitating such an easy and smooth journey that was otherwise not possible if Forerunners had not taken thoughtful initiatives. I travelled back to Jordan with the utmost satisfaction and assurance of a long and healthy life. It was a life revived and for me, my life was a gift of Team Forerunners.

In the words of Oliver, “Thanks Forerunners for this New Life Instilled with New Hopes and Fresh Beginnings” .

Thank You,
Oliver from Jordan

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